Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey Everyone- Hope all is well in your Universe!  I wanted to share with you 2 kitchens today designed by the same firm- Fiddlehead Design LLC.  I wanted to share them with you not only because they are really great, but also because they give a couple of great lessons....
Here is the first kitchen:

Lesson 1:  Historical Integrity: For those of you out there that live in an older home and wish to keep the design integrity in your kitchen reno- this is such a great example of this.  As you all know I am a white kitchen girl all the way, however, this is such a great reno with lovely cabinetry.  Even though the home owners have chosen dark cabinetry they have chosen other elements to keep it light.  Not only is the subway tile, marble counters and farm sink a great nod to times past-all these elements keep the tone light.  Although they have chosen to use Stainless Steel Appliances I really think that they go beautifully in this space.  In addition to all this, the designers have obviously tried to tie in the much orangier tone of the floor with other elements in the room.  I am not sure if the floors were already there- I suspect they were, they have tried to tie them in with other the elements.  By staining the doors and window frames similar to the hardwood,  it really adds to an overall cohesiveness in the space.  Such a great way to tie elements together-it is as if they were there all along- perhaps they were.  The designers did a great job in choosing an  undertone in the cabinets to go with the hardwood.  It can be such a balancing act when the hardwood in a room has a very definite strong undertone.
 I really applaud people when they are able to uphold the integrity of a space yet make it livable, functional, and beautiful all at the same time.  I also love how they added a playfulness to the space with the chalkboard below the chair rail- so great for kids!  Now let me say that I in no way say that this reno is completely historically accurate for the time period of this house- not at all.  However it is quite evident that all involved tried to pay repect to the space they found themselves in.  AWESOME RENO!!  And those Cows- I love the Cow pictures!!

The Second Kitchen:

Second Lesson:  Don't follow the pack when it comes to your kitchen.  The main thing that I wanted to point out with this kitchen is the flooring.  I LOVE IT!  It is  Manning VCT Flooring.  VCT- Vinyl Composite Tile.  To me this is one of the true workhorses of the flooring world that has been around for years.  Hey- if they can put it in a lab/classroom-it will stand up to anything you and your family can give it.  I love how versatile of a product this flooring is.  You can let your imagination run wild with it. It is warm under foot, soft underfoot, comes in loads of colours, does not cost and arm and a leg... I could go on and on.  You do NOT have to have hardwood or stone in a kitchen for it to look fabulous and this reno is an amazing example of that.  It really speaks to the designers desire to play off the vintage vibe of this space.  So what I am trying to say here is.... have an open mind when it comes to your finishes.  Be unique, be you, and you don't have to break the bank to do it!!

Not only did I want to share a couple of quick lessons here but I wanted to share with you all two really great kitchens.

Have a great day everyone.