Monday, January 7, 2013


As you all know I am a huge fan of Navy blue.  When Benjamin Moore came out with their colour trends 2013 I was pleasantly surprised at their picks.  As you may know by now... I am NOT huge on trends myself.  I think they are great in that they can breathe new life into a new space if you want to add just a little something.  Or if you are looking to go in a completely different direction they can give inspiration.  However, I am a traditional kinda girl.  I love seeing what is new...but if it is a trend that I can incorporate that isn't too obvious or one that doesn't cost a boatload then I am there.  People ask me.... "shouldn't I be following trends to stay current"?  Well.... to an extent yes.  But, you should be changing your space every year just so that you can say..."Look at me I am so trendy".  Personally, I think people should invest in pieces that speak to them PERSONALLY.  Your house is an expression of who YOU are.  I am not one of those decorator's that tells people to buy something..A: because it is trendy, or B: BECAUSE  I SAY SO!!.  I always tell others that I am a tool to help them achieve how THEY want their home to function and feel.  IT ISN'T ALL ABOUT ME, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!!  When I see some designers on TV acting all diva-ish... well lets just say it sets my teeth on edge.
Back to Colour Trends.....  One of the colour trends at Benjamin Moore in their New Traditional is:

Evening Dove 2128-30

How unbelievably pretty is this bedroom?  The walls are painted a gorgeous Navy called Evening Dove 2128-30.  It is the kind of dark blue that is muted and deep.  As Navy's go I think this is one of my fav's.  It doesn't "scream" blue.  If you were to look at it on the chip you may even dismiss it as a "navy" since it is a "grayed" down.  But on closer inspection you can see that it is there.

In fact I would have to say as blues go this is the chip for me:

Note that Evening Dove should fit in between Oxford Gray and Abyss.  Every one of the colours on this chip is fabulous.  If I were to paint a room light blue I would definitely go with Lily White 2128-70.   It has such a cleaness to it.  And if you were looking for a light blue with a purple or true blue undertone to it then I would pick this one. One thing to consider with any colour especially blue.... although it may not look very "blu-ish" on the chip....once you get it on the wall it will get very blue.....  so air on the side of caution when picking a blue.  Or consult a professional like me :).    I could go on and on about any of the above colours but lets stick with Evening Dove.

When I was looking at the this particular paint chip in my fandeck it got me thinking.....  Uhh Oh that is ALWAYS dangerous around here!  I thought... I know some fabric that would look fab with that colour:

This fabric was used to make a dress back awhile ago here.  But I think I would get way more use and enjoyment out of this fabric as a pillow.  I feel an idea is brewing...... will keep you posted!

Have a great day everyone.




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