Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I think that I am becoming mildly obsessed with Vera Bradley.  I love the prints that they produce for their products.  But I really wish that they would make that great fabric available as is.  Oh the pillows, drapes or bedspreads I could make.

Speaking of Vera Bradley I came across this image:

Where do I even start?  The tone on tone wallpaper in that burnt red- could it be Farrow and Ball??.  The awesome green of the front doors.  The SHAPE of those said doors!!  That killer wallpaper in the front entryway- the Chiang Mai Dragon by Schumacher. The trim....the Chandelier....... The slipper chairs in that insane paisley fabric.......OYYY!!!!  Makes me want to redo the whole house to match.

Here is a close up of that wallpaper from the foyer:

I am not going to go into too much about it here as it has been blogged about everywhere.  Suffice it to say it looks amazing in that foyer area!!!

Here is another shot of that same store:

I am pretty sure that it is this wallpaper --Broad Stripe ST1316.  It is pretty friggin' awesome.  Anything stried is A OK in my book.

I just love all the sunny colours.  Do you think they would notice if I moved in??

What got me thinking about Vera Bradley was......I bought a really cute Ribbon Board yesterday at our local Value Village.  What caught my eye was the fabric-a great navy print.  And even from far away it looked like it hadn't ever been used.  When I got to it, I could see that it had indeed NEVER been used.  When I picked it up to look at the price on the back I saw that it was a Vera Bradley.  And you will never guess how much it was.... $4.99!  $4.99!  I snatched that puppy up quick.  Now I would have shown a pic here however it is so dull and gray here I can't get a great pic.  Hopefully in the next day or two I will be able to show you all.  But I couldn't wait to talk about it.  I mean those puppies usually go for at least $45.00.  And lets face it...I couldn't have bought the materials and made it for $4.99.  I tried to find a pic on the net to show but I couldn't find one with my fabric.

Anyways....Have a good one everyone.

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