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Hey Everyone!!  I would love to show you the new ribbon board I talked about yesterday but it is so dark and gray in my house the picture would look horrible.  It is currently 3C and raining.  In fact it is pouring.  I really hate it when it rains in January.  If it is going to be winter then at least Old Man Winter can have the courtesy of staying cold enough so that when precipitation shows up at my doorway it does so in the way of snow.  Everything looks so much prettier when the snow is covering it.  But today--- BLAH!!  Dark and rainy!!  So I got to thinking what makes me smile when I look at a house.  The first thing that catches my eye is the Front Door.  Now I know I have blogged about front doors before but today I am going to talk about RED!!  That fiery, hot and sizzling colour.  Something to really get the blood going.  And I will share some of my Favourite Reds for a Front Door too.  Enjoy:

Not only is the shingle style awesome but you all know how much I LOVE Oval Windows!  But what really does it for me is that front red door.  It is so the right red to go with the gray of the shingles.  The Architect mentioned that it was very similar to Sherwin Williams-Lusty Red SW 6863.  It also happens to be one of my favourite reds!!

Wouldn't you just love a front door that looked like this??  I don't even know where to begin with this one.  The limestone facade, those lanterns or the door itself!!!

This little lovely is Real Red by Sherwin Williams.  It really does look lovely with the stone work and trim used.  And...gotta love those topiary's.  I love topiary's.  There is just something about them.

This amazing set of doors is by Sarah Richardson.  When I first saw this a couple of years ago I nearly went out and bought that red to do my own doors.  Still might!  I love what she has done here.  By painting the doors red not only has she highlighted them but she has imparted so much personality to an otherwise mundane space.  That and of course adding that great rug from Ikea didn't hurt either!  The red used here is from her line of colours through Para paints.  It is Orchard SR 53 but is also known as Para P5282-85 (Schmooze).

I really do think that Red is such a great choice to go with gray.  The hotness of the red really plays well off the coolness of the gray.  Plus it really lets you know where the front door it.  There is no hiding from a red door that is beckoning.

This amazing home is located in Toronto, Ontario.  It is very typical of homes in certain areas of the city.  It is so classic and gorgeous.  I love the Trim colour that they chose, so perfect.  And the red is the perfect shade too.  Not bright, not orangey- just perfect.

The colour of the front door is Benjamin Moore- Moroccan Red

Benjamin Moore-Moroccan Red 1309

I really love how they have used red as an accent colour for both the window frames and the doors.  This combination of red with either gray/taupe looks great on an Arts and Crafts home or like here, a Prairie Style home.

Who doesn't love a barn door??  And if you do, then these are a lot of door to love.  They are simply amazing.

What makes this door so amazing besides that incredible doorknob is how impactful the bright red is.  The space is very neutral and calm, with that hit of red it really makes a statement.

This is such a great example of, "Look at me".  The exterior of the house is very neutral and quiet.  By adding red and framing the door out in black it really is telling everyone coming to the house....come on in here.

Again we can see how impactful red has been used in leading you to a particular spot, it is saying...."come over here"

Some of the reds that I showed above are definitely in my Yes column for favourite reds.  I also have a couple more to add.

Sherwin Williams-Heartthrob SW6866

ICI- Salsa-10YR 14/348

Farrow & Ball- Blazer 212

I really could go on and on because I LOVE the colour RED!!!!!   I also could have put hundreds of pictures of red doors.  They are so popular and is it a wonder why??  For me some of the best reds out there come from Sherwin Williams and Farrow & Ball.  They are my fav's.
The great thing about Red is that it is one of those colours that  looks awesome in both a Traditional and a Contemporary setting.

Hopefully this will have warmed up those of you stuck in the depths of winter like me.  Or for those in warmer climes some inspiration.

Have a great day everyone.

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