Friday, January 11, 2013


Hey Everyone!  For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a gift certificate to one of my favourite yarn stores- Spun here in Burlington.  So after the Boxing Day rush I went and purchased this:

Noro Taiyo, it really is a great yarn to knit with.  Even if the pattern is not complicated you can't really get bored.  You just can't wait to get through the colour bands to see how it will end up looking.  It is made up of 40% Cotton/30%Silk/15%Wool/15%Nylon.  It really isn't scratchy at all.  The combo of fibres really is nice.  For those of you that do not like a Woolly, scratchy yarn then this may be just for you.  The Cotton and the Silk give it a really nice hand.  And all that variegation- LOVE IT!!

I previously made up a scarf pattern and called it Ribbie-Rib and garter scarf.  But I am now re-releasing it as Ribbie Taiyo Scarf.  It can be found on Ravelry here.  The only difference in the two patterns is the original was knit up in Bernat Mosaic- which is fabulous by the way, on a 5mm needle.  This pattern was knit up in Noro Taiyo on a size 4.5mm needle.  It looks really nice knit up in the pattern I created.  Here it is:

I really did enjoy knitting up with the Noro.  It is nice to knit with, however... I do caution those that have never knit with it that when joining a new ball you have to consider a couple of things.
1.  When joining a new ball be very careful when pulling to knot the yarn together as the yarn itself may break- be gentle but firm.  It is quite strong to knit with but can pull apart easily when knotting/joining another ball.
2.  You have to consider how you want the colour to flow when adding a new ball.  Do you want to add a new ball just as is or do you want the pattern of colour to continue.  If you want to continue the colour pattern already established throughout the previous ball, when you add that new ball you may have to unwind the ball a bit to match up where you left off.  This is what I did with this scarf so that the colour would continue as established.  Is this important?  Well that is up to you.  It probably would have looked OK but me being me.... well I would have noticed.  Does that make sense??

If you do decide to knit it.  Drop me a line.  And as always if you have any knitting questions(or design for that matter), you can always contact me.  I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hi, this is beautiful! Which colour of Taiyo is this please?

    Thanks :D

  2. Hi Lou-the colour is #54. Hope this helps.