Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I was trolling the net for great design..... and boy did I find some great eye candy.  When I first saw this exterior shot I actually made an audible gasp! Case in point:

Between the Portico roof line, the stone or the cedar shake roof.......  Love it all!

This pic introduced me to Oak Hill Architects.  You all know how much I love traditional design and architecture...well this firm certainly fits the bill.  I love a well thought out, detail filled build/reno.  When they say God is in the details they weren't kidding.  So sit back and enjoy the details:

This lovely house is named- "Happy Hollow".  How amazingly quaint is that??  Just transport me here please....

I love  a house with a great roof line, stonework and of course Oval Windows!!

 What is not to love about this kitchen?  No detail has been left.  I love how they did not play it safe and paint the insets in the ceiling white.  By painting them blue they highlighted what a great ceiling they have created.... "Look up here!"

That Mill work!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mill work.  Nothing transforms a room like great trim.  I am not crazy about the chairs or the valance on the window but that is a personal thing..... But that Mill work is amazing!

So traditional but oh so lovely....

I just had to add this pic....  that floor is amazing.  I am always in awe of a stone inset floor.  The amount of talent it takes to make something like this!!

I am crazy about the mill work in this office.  Usually I am an all white kinda girl when it comes to Mill work but this is perfection.  I love how light filled this space is.  It does not feel heavy in here at all.  And you really do have to appreciate this Stained Mill work.  Imperfections cannot be hidden with a coat of paint.  Again... gotta admire talent.

Nob Hill:

 I love the use of copper on the exterior of this house.

What a lovely sunny spot.

You all know how much I love an oval window!!

I hope you have all enjoyed this great eye candy and maybe gotten a little inspiration from it.
Have a great day everyone.


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