Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This is one of those times when I think I am going to do a Mea Culpa!  Sacre Bleu!  Say it isn't so!!  We have all been there. The.... "I will never..." expression.  Now let me back up a little.  For a long time I have stated that I "will never have a brass faucet in MY home".  Well..... I may have changed my mind.  Not that I am in the market for a new faucet or anything but if I were I would have to put Brass on the list.  Now hold on........  The Brass I am not talking about  is your Mum and Dad's Brass, Dynasty/Dallas Brass:

The above photo is of a before pic of a reno-so I am not insulting anyone here- even the owners were changing this one!

But the brass I am talking about is the following:

Gotta love a bridge faucet!!

The above kitchen is on my all time favourite list.  It was designed by Garrison Hullinger.  Also one of my  fav's.  The cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore Van Allen Green- GORGEOUS!!
More info on this amazing faucet can be found here and here.  This lovely faucet is by Newport Brass and is the Chesterfield Faucet in the Satin Brass finish- sigh!!

This amazing contemporary faucet is by Rohl and can be found here.

A really nice Contemporary Single Lever Faucet.

This is such an amazing classic white kitchen.  Love, Love all of the finishes here.

You may want to try one of the following in your space:

Now... what got me thinking of all this brass was these pics:

Erin at House of Turquoise posted these from Sarah 101.  It was one of those moments when I made that noise- that ahhhh noise.  Sarah 101 being the great Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson.  I LOVE this space.  The soft linen colours with the soft greens is so lovely.  The wall colour used was Eyelet SR33.
I want to thank Erin for now forever burning this into my brain.  That same brain wants this!!  That same brain is going to be thinking of this space for some time to come- Thanks Erin and of course thanks Sarah!!
So you see... one really shouldn't say "Never".  I take back everything I have ever said about Brass!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I bet anyone who can see these lovely brass faucets will definitely change their mind and install one in their kitchen. I love the bridge faucet too. I hope I can grab one in a store near us. I've been renovating my kitchen and they're about to finish the pipes and fittings. I'll ask them to install these once the sink is ready. Hehe! Thanks for the share! :)

    Gayle Manning @ Gruner Brass

  2. Who wouldn't love these lovely faucets? After reading your post, I understood why you're having a dilemma on which one to use. You had a hard decision to make. Hehe! A year have passed already, and I believe you've found the right faucet to purchase. Hope you installed it properly and regularly checks it for leaks and rusts. Any updates on this? :)

    Monica Ryan @ VillagePlumbing

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