Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey there everyone!!  As you know, I LOVE the Chelsea Skirt by Cecily Glowik McDonald.  I was just talking about it the other day...  remember this lovely.....

Well..... I have purchased the yarn for this little lovely!!  I really wanted the colour that it was knit in, but, I didn't for a couple of reasons.  The first is that where I bought the yarn online, they did not have that colour.  So I picked another colour... this is what I chose:

The yarn is the actual yarn specified, just a different colour:  Classic Elite Portland Tweed.  I bought the Amaranth colourway.  I cannot wait to get it!!  Then I will match up a yarn for the lace hem.  Really... I am so excited.  Amazing what some yarn will do for the endorphins!!  I have wanted to make this skirt for sometime but to be quite honest it was out of my budget.  That is the second reason I bought the yarn online at Webs- America's Yarn Store.  Usually this yarn sells for 15.99/ball.  I need 8! So that puts it around 128.00US.  Plus the ball for the lace.  So I searched around and came across Webs.  They were selling it for $5.99/ball!!  I nearly leapt out of my chair.  I thought, "this is my chance".  So I bought it.  Granted I know that this yarn in the colourway I bought was my second choice, however, it will be AWESOME!!  I actually kinda feel guilty!  Can you imagine??  I feel like I am cheating on my favourite yarn stores: Spun and
Needle Emporium.  But I really couldn't pass up this offer.  This yarn is so yummy....  50% Virgin Wool/25% Alpaca/25% Viscose.  I can hardly wait to hold that little ball of heaven in my hand!!  Seriously... I think I may need therapy!!  My husband made me laugh... when I was looking at he colourways and was trying to decide on the colour, he chimed in.  I was going to make it in a mid gray colour, however, he said I "HAVE" to make it in a colour... brighten things up a bit!  So nice to know he gives a darn- or at least pretends really well too;)  I am a lucky girl for sure!!  So I will let you know when I start this little project.

That's it for now..
Have a great day

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