Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have always loved the look of a Gambrel Roof.  It has such great lines to it.  I happened upon this lovely house on Houzz.  I was immediately taken by the roofline and the colours/materials used.  Just plunk this puppy down on my property and I would be one happy camper.  It has so much going on in terms of interest without being frenetic.

These lovely pics are from Hendel Homes

It is so great to see interior shots of Gambrels where they have actually used the roofline to a design advantage inside.  The pic below is the exterior.

I have admired this lovely home for some time now.  I just love everything about it!!

The following 3 pics are modrn interpretations of Gambrel roofs.

I hope that this has given you all a little Architectural Inspiration for the day.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. What a fine roof the first house has! Oftentimes, I see gambrel roofs on barns, and they’re usually only of one color. So, this two-tone roof is definitely set apart by the way the roof lines are well-defined. Why don’t you replace your roof with this one? I can see that you really love it. :] You know, giving in would be completely justifiable because gambrel roofs are also known to withstand extreme weather. -->Richard

  2. Richard- if only it were that easy..... I would love to. Unfortunately it always comes back to money..... But a girl can dream!