Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nothing finishes off a room like being creative with the ceiling.  The ceiling. That "5th" wall that seems to be forgotten or neglected by so many.  I love the idea of having something decorative on the ceiling.  One of my favourite is bead board on the ceiling.  But what I truly love is Blue Bead board on the ceiling.  It combines two of my favourite things - the colour blue and bead board.  Having blue on the ceiling isn't for every one, but, I just love it.  All that watery blue over your head.  It just makes me smile.  If only I could get rid of the popcorn ceiling in a couple of my rooms and I would so be painting watery blue up there.
Here are some inspirational pics of blue bead board.  Enjoy:

How happy does this breakfast room make me??  I love how they used a glossier paint on the bead board in here.  I know it's not for everyone but I love it!

Nothing says welcome like a blue ceiling on the porch!

This kitchen comes close to perfection as you can get for me.  And I love, love the ceiling.  So amazing that they chose to go "there".  It just adds so much to this already amazing space!  And don't get me started on that crewel fabric on those chairs!!

For a similar colour to this one try Light Blue by Farrow and Ball.

So if I were to paint blue on the ceiling what colours would be my favourite??
Here are a few of my fav's:

Morning Jog by Valspar

Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

Polar Sky by Benjamin Moore

So you can see how much a bead board ceiling adds to a room.  Hope this has given a little inspiration for everyone.
Have a great day.

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