Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As I stated in a previous post here,  I have been trying to figure out what to make with the Qiviuk Yarn I purchased in Banff last year.  Well it has been a year!  I can hardly believe it myself.  The ball of yarn is a small ball that will make a scarf.  It cost $69.00 CAD.  So, it isn't like I could buy oodles of it.  But I had always wanted to buy a ball and give it a go.

It is the navy colour as shown in the pic.  I also bought the one that is 50% Qiviuk/50% Silk.  It was slightly cheaper than the 100% Qiviuk. It has such a lovely sheen to it.  While in the shop in the Banff Springs Hotel I purchased a pattern to go along with it.  Little did I know that I could get it for FREE on Raverly here. ARGH!!  Here is a pic of the scarf pattern:

When I attempted this pattern I really did not like the results at all.  First of all it seemed that the 4mm needle it called for was way to big for the delicateness of the yarn.  Maybe it was just me.  Plus all of the lacy holes didn't look anything nearly as nice as in the photo.  So alas, I frogged it - meaning I ripped that sucker out and started over. I attempted the pattern numerous times but always hated the result.  I love how the scarf looks in the pic.  And the scarf looked awesome in the shop.  But I could never get it to look that nice.
I also made up several different patterns over the following months, but again, I didn't like the results.  So finally a couple of days ago I came up with a pattern that I think will finally work.  I felt as though it needed less lace holes and a little more structure to look right. Here is a sneak peek:

This pic is a great representation of the colour.

I am going to have to block the heck out of it!!  But most delicate knits like this need to be blocked- just the nature of the beast.

I am much happier with this pattern.  It really is a lovely yarn, so soft, so delicate.  I hope that when all is said and done I will have enough to finish the scarf.  It won't be a hugely long scarf but hopefully it will be enough.
Stay tuned for more and the pattern.
I have also been working on other scarf patterns so stay tuned for those as well.

Have a great day everyone.

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