Monday, July 9, 2012


On the weekend we got a great Watermelon.  It had an interior that was a full on "juicy" red.  It was one of the more vibrant reds I have seen inside a watermelon in a long time, if ever.  When I sat there eating it (and it was fairly decent) I got to thinking about this amazing colour.  Could you imagine a room done in this amazing colour?  I mean, how energizing would this colour be?  It definitely is not for the faint of heart that is for sure!
What is Watermelon Red?  Well to me it is a very pinky under toned Red that is Vibrant.  Some may ask how does this differ from Coral Red.  Well to me Coral Red has more Yellow in it almost making the red have an Orangy undertone to it.  So Watermelon is Pinky, Coral more Orange.

 Watermelon Red.

Coral Red

This is such a great example of Watermelon Red.  The pillow shows watermelon reds great pinky undertone in this amazing velvet pillow.

The wall colour for this bedroom is Benjamin Moore's new Colour Stories line- "Embroidered Flower".  Just look how great white goes so well with this juicy red.  For me there is almost a little bit too much yellow for me to say that it is a "true" watermelon red but it hits close.

Colour for this bedroom is Watermelon by Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart (USA).

If you love transitional design then you should check out this remodel, it will be right up your alley.  I love the accents in this kitchen and family room of Watermelon and Chocolate.

Just look how this Watermelon coloured coffee table injects just a hit of colour- Love it!

Source Unknown

This pic of a bedroom is one that I downloaded years ago so I don't have the original source for it.  I have always loved the combo of the red and the brown found here.


Again I don't have the link to this pic but do know that it came from Charleston Design Mag.

A couple of great Watermelon Red paints would be:

Watermelon Red 2087-20

Gypsy Red SW6865 Sherwin Williams

There were other reds that were close but to get a red with a definite pink undertone that still has a little yellow in it is very hard.  Some of the reds I looked at either had too much pink- pushing the colour towards Pomegranate or too much yellow.  But I have to be honest and say that as far as Watermelon Red goes Benjamin Moore's Watermelon Red hits it right on the nose for me.
I would love to one day find a way to work with this great red.

Have a great day everyone.

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