Friday, July 20, 2012


Just a quick blog post today with some little bits of advice with pretty pics to go along with them.  Note that the pics may or may not have absolutely nothing to do with the advice, just wanted some pretty pics.

1. NEVER, EVER PUT CARPET  IN A BATHROOM OR KITCHEN.  Do I even have to explain this?  I mean really?  If you have it in your bathroom RIP IT OUT NOW!!
Bacteria, urine etc..... GROSS!!!  I don't care "if it feels so nice under foot".   If I have offended you then maybe you will think twice before putting it in or maybe you will run and rip it out right away!!  I don't care how inexpensive that carpet in the bargain area of the store is, run, run away.  A rolled vinyl would be so much better and the same price- you will thank me!!

2.  DO NOT PUT FLUORESCENT BULBS IN AN AREA WHERE YOU WILL PUT MAKE UP ON:    I know that Fluorescent it very Green but LED's are as well.  Fluorescent light is the death of great lighting.  You want to look like death warmed over then by all means keep them.  In fact I had them in my Living Room and took them out.  It did not matter whether I bought the warm or cool ones everything had a green undertone to it.  I hated how they made everything look dull and awful.  Hate them I do!

3.  DO NOT EVER PUT SILK CURTAINS/DRAPES IN A SOUTH FACING WINDOW: Those lovely drapes that you spent a fortune on will not last in a south facing window.  I know I have discussed this before but you will thank me.

I mean, would you leave a silk ball gown out in the sun??  NO!  Plus, you should NEVER have drapes that are silk that are unlined- EVER!  FULL STOP!!  There are so many fabrics out there that mimic great silk.  It would be a shame to ruin great silk that way.

4.  DO NOT BUY CHEAP LAMINATE FLOORING:  When you go to the store, whether it is a big box store or your local flooring store, try to avoid MDF laminate, PLEASE.  First of al,l it will have been made in China with crappy products and all sorts of crap in the MDF.  Horrible, horrible chemicals.  If you buy 7mm or 8mm Laminate-then good luck my friends.  You are throwing good money away.  Always buy Laminate that is 10-12mm.  I prefer 12mm myself-but that's just me.  And buy good quality from a reputable company like Pergo for instance.  It will be made with HDF (high density).  For one thing, if it gets wet it most likely will survive.  Have you ever seen MDF get wet?  Well just think of that floor and how it will swell- same thing.  A girlfriend bought laminate from Ikea- it got wet-it swelled. I am not a spokesperson for Pergo, but if I were to put Laminate in my house it would be Pergo, hands down!!  It is an awesome product and they stand behind it too!

5.  ALWAYS BUY A LINED TOILET.  What do I mean by that?  Well, inside your toilet tank, if it is lined, the wall will be thicker and will be caulked (due to the foam liner)-look next time!  Why a lined tank?
Well it stops the tank from sweating.  I hate a sweating tank.  Why does it sweat?  Since the water in the tank is cold it tends to make condensation collect on the outside of the tank.  Simple science folks.  No one wants a tank that drips water down.  Just doesn't help it to stay clean and it feels horrible to lean into.  So the next time you are buying a toilet-make sure it is lined.

So there you have it 5 little pieces of advice and a quick post.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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