Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday was Canada Day!  I love this country.  I truly do!  I am always telling my boys- you live in the best country on the planet.  It is a place where you can walk and not be afraid.  It is a place where you can have a voice and not be afraid to speak.  It is big, it is beautiful and I LOVE IT!  I know that us Canadians aren't known for being overly patriotic.  Well we are patriotic, we are just a little quieter about it is all. 
It is a place where I feel safe.  I Don't own a gun and I don't know anyone who does!  If I get sick I don't have to decide whether I am going to feed my kids that week or go to the doctor or the emergency room.  Is it perfect here?  Absolutley not!  But it's all we have got!  And I think we have got it pretty good!
So in honour of Canada Day  I wanted to get my Red and White on.......

These great pumps are by DSquared- good old Canadian boys.  Now if only I can round up nearly $700.00 for them I am there!!

Miss Kate getting her Red and White on when her and William visited Canada last year!

Thanks for indulging my patriotism.  I hope you found some Red and White inspiration.
Have a great day everyone!


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