Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So I was over on Houzz and came across a design firm of Murphy & Co.  All I can say is WOW!!  I so love their designs.  But, what I think what I love more is their use of materials.  Their use of stone and wood is so amazing.  So..... I wanted to share with you all the talents of Murphy & Co.  I am going to show the one Reno that I LOVE!!!  If I ever get to do a reno like this I am using this as inspiration.   Enjoy:

This Kitchen for me is like.... well..... I can't even put into words really.  The creamy cabinetry, the Limestone Hood... a LIMESTONE HOOD!!!  The Oil rubbed Bronze hardware, the leaded glass cabinet doors.  Now that island is AWESOME!!  I love the wood, the Soapstone. I think it has a "leather" finish.  I don't think I have ever professed my love of Soapstone on my blog, but , I adore it.  There is nothing like it!  It is warm and full of character.  And lets face it, you can't kill it.  I mean, back in high school, way back, the tables in the science labs were all Soapstone.  It is also one of those stones that actually feels somewhat warm to the touch.  It really is beyond awesome.  The Hundi lanterns.  How I love Hundi lanterns!  And last but not least the coffered ceiling.  Nothing makes me happier than a coffered or interesting ceiling.

Another great view!  This gives a great look at the Soapstone on the island.  And of course my favourite sink of all time..... the apron front sink!

What I think I really appreciate about their sense of design is their sight lines.  Look how pretty this view is into the Butler's pantry.  Oh, to have a Butler's Pantry!

Here is a great look at that Butler's Pantry.  It is so simple, yet so pretty and functional.  Again they chose to use an apron front sink.  Here is a great example of the mixing of metals.  Yes!  You can indeed mix metals.  Here they have used  stainless steel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze.  Looks awesome!

Another great view of the sight line into the Butlers Pantry.  Another element that I love in a home is transom windows.  Not to mention leaded windows.  I just love the level of detail in this reno!

Another element I love in a kitchen is a desk.  Lets face it, we all have "stuff" we have on hand that we have to use everyday.  I know that people have true offices, but, I love to have certain things on hand.  Things like rubber bands, scissors, paper......  and having a "station" for all of that stuff really helps to make a functional kitchen for a family.  Plus it is a great place to have the laptop for recipes!  Oh and homework.  Can't forget homework!

This is a great close up of the cabinets next to the stove.  I love the leaded doors.  And can you see the little detail in the back.......

They chose to leave an existing window and use the natural light to shine through.  Great use of space and great use of natural light- Love it!

I also love the stone they chose for the counter and the back splash.  It is hard to say what the material is but I would love to know!  I just love the colour of it.  And that Limestone Hood is REDONKULOUS!!  Seriously!!  It truly is a showpiece.

Now when I saw this Sun room I think I audibly gasped.  Seriously I did!  You see,I have always dreamed of bumping out back and having a main floor family room just like this.  For years I have had the room in my head and it looks almost like this.  It is the closest I have ever seen to my vision.  This particular fireplace is made of Limestone.  The floors are made of French Limestone- Mon dieu!  It is so pretty.  Will have to keep that floor in the Rolodex in my head........

The last pic is of a hutch and buffet.  To say that I love it would be an understatement.  Normally I am a white painted kind of girl.  But the gorgeous dark stained furniture ticks the boxes for me.  And on top of that  the top of the buffet is PEWTER!!  Ahhhhh......  Pewter is one of those metals that is so amazing.  It has such a gorgeous colour.  I suppose since it is soft they are able to get that amazing edge profile!

So there you have it folks.... Murphy & Co.  You should check out their other projects, they are amazing.  I shared this one with you since the kitchen and the sun room comes as close to my dream space as there ever was.

Have a great day everyone.

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