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I was over checking out one of my favourite blogs, in fact I can't wait to check it everyday.  That blog is House of Turquoise.  Erin always has amazing rooms, exteriors or great designs to show.  It gives me such joy every day!  I think Turquoise in it's many shades makes me so happy.  I don't even know why!  Maybe it reminds me of the Ocean.  Maybe it reminds me of some amazing jewel or rock.  Rocks are very important in our family- we love them!  But, whatever the reason is, I just love all the shades Turquoise can be.  In fact, I think I LOVE all shades of Blue.
So while over at House of Turquoise I saw the most amazing dining room ever!!  I wanted to share it with you and talk about some paint colours:

The Dining room was done by the great design duo Mabley Handler.  This room was done for the Hampton's Designer Show house.  To say that I LOVE IT would be an understatement. It is way beyond stunning and quite frankly makes me want to squeal!!  Usually only certain fabrics and Roller Coasters can make me do that!
Erin gave a little info on the room as well.  The wallpaper is an amazing grass cloth by Philip Jefferies called "Juicy Jute Grass cloth".  You can find it here.  The paint that is inset in the moulding and the coffered ceiling is an amazing colour by Pratt and Lambert called Azurean.  Here are the two together:

Pratt and Lambert- Azurean 22-5

They look absolutely stunning together.  This is a great example where both colours are "clean" and why they look so great together.  I think that colours within a same family hue such as blue will always go together as long as you keep clean with clean and muted/dirty with dirty.  It gets very tricky when you try to mix the two.  In fact I think this is where most people run into problems and then wonder why their room looks slightly off.

So after seeing this great colour (Azurean) I immediately went to my Pratt and Lambert fandeck and looked it up.  What I found was that on the same fan deck is some really lovely colours all in the same vein.  They are all such happy colours:

Pratt and Lambert- Atlantis 22-1

Pratt and Lambert- Cilantro 22-2

Pratt and Lambert- Sea Crystal 22-3

Pratt and Lambert- Pale Ampharo 22-4

Pratt and Lambert- Azurean 22-5

Pratt and Lambert- Nephrite 22-6

There should be a colour called "Delightful Aqua" 22-7 after Nephrite but I can't find a pic of it anywhere!

Pratt and Lambert- Caribbean Holiday 22-8

This is such a happy chip in the fan deck and is truly an Ocean inspired palette!

If the above is way to bright for your liking you should check out the chip that is in the more muted section with the following colours on it:

Pratt and Lambert- Skylit 24-32

Pratt and Lambert-Woodland Snow 24-31

Pratt and Lambert-Aloe 24-30

Pratt and Lambert- Argent 24-29

Pratt and Lambert- Bayou 24-28

Pratt and Lambert- Bleu Passe 24-27

Pratt and Lambert- Boucle 24-26

Pratt and Lambert- Abstract Blue 24-25

As you can see by this group they are much more muted than the 1st set of colours.

I think that the use of Azurean really works in the dining room because it is used as an accent colour.  If you were to do an entire room in this colour is may be too much and very hard to live with.  But the way that Mabley Handler has done it, is in my book, to perfection.  How amazing and redonkulous is that coffered ceiling with the inset colour???  Crazy good!!

I also love the Jonathan Adler fabric that was used on the chairs and the drapes.  Not only is it amazingly graphic yet has roots in a traditional flame pattern, but the colours are AWESOME too!!!  I love the combo of all the blues.  Makes me want some and want to design an afghan around those colours!! Hmmm... I feel a knitathon coming on!!!

This amazing fabric is Wabash by Jonathan Adler for Kravet, it can be found for the amazing price of $32.95 at House of Fabric.  I really do have to get me some!!  NO SERIOUSLY I DO!

I would truly love to have my office in these colours and design it based on this amazing dining room.
We will just have to wait and see if that happens, but I really would love to make it happen!!

Hope you have enjoyed this amazing dining room.  Thanks to Mabley Handler Design and Erin at House of Turquoise for bringing it to our attention.  It really is one of the most amazing rooms I have seen in a very long time!!  And trust me, it takes a lot for for to get jazzed about a room these days!!

Have a great day everyone!

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