Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have always loved Nautical style.  Heck one of my favourite colour combo's is Blue and White.  So I was surfing and came across these pics.  Sooo my Pinaholics!  Which one will you be Pinning today?

How lovely is this??  The maps have been attached to the walls with Clear Push Pins- yes that's right!!  I would want something a little more permanent but it is a great idea if you are the kind of person that likes to change things up.

Could there be a more quintessential pic??  This has to be one of my favourite fabrics ever.  I am a huge fan of blue and white stripes.  They are truly timeless.  You can NEVER go wrong with them.

I am a huge sucker for Madras type fabric.  I love all the colours.  And I LOVE Plaid!  Navy and Orange are such a great combo.  I LOVE this!!

I love the way that they have used the map in this room.  A map of this size can be expensive but so can wallpaper!  I love that it isn't too juvenile as well, that way the room will grow with the child.

These 3 pics of this nautical inspired office are REDONKULOUS!!  I have never seen a more amazing nautical inspired office.  Everything about it speaks of Yacht!!  The recessed ceiling is like the frame of the bottom of a boat- GENIUS!!  I also love the use of wood in here.  Generally speaking something like this wouldn't be my thing, you know how much I love white.  However, this office's use of wood is stunning.  I feel that the way that the Mill work comes together makes this office a Man's dream.  Oh, and perhaps a Girl's too!!  The architects of this amazing room is Siemasko + Verbridge.

I love the sheer simplicity of this.   I love the windows, I love the Mill work and I LOVE that Pendant!

What a lovely calm and serene bedroom.  I truly love the combo of Navy and light Aqua.

What a great way to showcase maps.  Just make sure that the maps you use won't be destroyed by the wall glue.  Some soy based inks may run if they get wet.  Just some food for thought.  But I love how they have used maps in this bathroom.

Wall colour is Baby Seal by Dunn Edwards.

I hope you have enjoyed this little Nautical trip.
Have a great day everyone.


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