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So...... the other day when we were at the cottage my Mum-in-Law and I were talking about pillowcases and how, if a person can have overly oily hair, then pillowcases, baseball hats or even headboards can tend to yellow.  Ewww... I know.  But it is a fact of life.  I happen to be married to such a person, so it can be an issue with our linens and such.  What is one to do about it??  Well you can try the following method here.  I have to say if you think you should use bleach- DON'T!!!  Bleach will Yellow cotton fabric.  Even if you dilute it, Bleach will yellow or damage your fabric.  Bleach definitely helps in certain instances but I try really hard to NEVER put bleach on any fabric.  I use Oxygen Bleach instead,  it is completely different from regular bleach.  It will not damage fabric the way the regular bleach will. 
One other thing you may try to use is Shampoo.  Just think about it.  You are trying to remove hair oil and that is what Shampoo is for.  I wash all my baseball hats in Shampoo.
So this discussion of yellowing linen's led me to thinking about Headboards.  What makes a great headboard and what does not.

1.  IF YOU LOVE TO READ IN BED THEN A METAL HEADBOARD MAY NOT BE FOR YOU!  Just think about it.  When you are in bed and propping up those pillows, you will most likely fall through one of those slotted metal rods.  I LOVE the way a metal headboard looks, but I would never buy one because I love to read and knit in bed. You may want to think of another headboard.

2.  IF YOU TEND HAVE AN OILY HEAD, BEWARE OF WHAT YOU PICK FOR A HEADBOARD!!  I love a tufted headboard,  I love a leather headboard, I just don't think they will work for us.  If you do tend to have oily hair then listen up.  If you get a tufted headboard you may not be able to clean it well enough.  If you get a leather headboard you may discolour the leather.  I have seen it happen.  This can also happen to leather sofa's as well.  I have seen sofa's where it is quite obvious that someone with oily hair sat there a lot.  Again... Ewwww... but that's life!  The only advice I can give for the leather is if you are bent on getting one, then spray it with leather protector.  That is the only advice I can give.

How gorgeous is this?  My only issue is-How do I clean this??  I suppose the only way is to have it professionally cleaned.  And if it is Silk- then look out!!

A great alternative to "fabric" is to use Vinyl like Michelle did:

Vinyl is such a great option if staining is an issue.  All you have to do is wipe it clean.  LOVE IT!!

Like I said before the only way to protect leather is to take care of it.  It has to be cared for just like your skin, it is skin after all.  And if you buy cheap then you get what you payed for.  If you buy any piece of leather furniture that is cheap then it probably is (cheap that is)  and is most likely Bonded Leather.  Horrible, horrible stuff.   It will crack, peel and rip.  Just a warning is all.  I could go into my own description but here is an excellent one already done for you- "There are different types of bonded leather, but the type being used on upholstered furniture today is a polyurethane or vinyl product, backed with fabric and then a layer of latex or other material mixed with a small percentage of leather fibers in the product's backing material. The actual leather content of bonded leather varies depending on the manufacturer and the quality level they are selling. The polyurethane surface is stamped to give it a leather-like texture. In the home furnishings industry there is much debate and controversy over the ethics of using the term "bonded leather" to describe a vinyl upholstery product. Nick Cory of the Leather Research Laboratory said that calling this product "bonded leather" is "deceptive because it does not represent its true nature. It's a vinyl, or a polyurethane laminate or a composite, but it's not leather-- Wikipedia.  I don't usually hold Wiki in high honour, but in this instance the definition is right on.  Bonded leather is NOT Leather.  I don't care what the salesperson says- IT IS NOT REAL LEATHER!  Enough said........

So what is a person to do if you want a fabric headboard.  Well.... in our instance we have a slipcover headboard.  That way I can whip that sucker off and pop it in the washing machine.  I am a huge fan of slipcovers of all kinds.  I know that they are not for everyone but they work for our lifestyle. 

And that is the true crux of the problem isn't it.  How do YOU live YOUR life.  If you have oily hair there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH YOU SHOULD EVER HAVE SILK AS A HEADBOARD.  I see amazing headboards all the time.  But I think to myself..... How do they live with it???

Now.... just look at this lovely.  Gorgeous colour, great lines and....COMPLETELY IMPRACTICAL!!  How are you going to clean it??  You can't!!  PLUS.....  even if you do not have issue with oily hair it will still stain, pull and Pill.  It is inherent in the type of weave and fabric it is made of.  Do I think it looks lovely? Absolutely!!  But in no time flat it will start to not look so lovely.  And then what???

I remember seeing this lovely a while back in Country Living (I think).  Is it gorgeous? Absolutely!  But again, think about your lifestyle and whether it will suit it.  There are so many times that people get caught up in a look and don't stop to think if this will suit there life.  Remember everyone- you do not live in a magazine vignette.  Life is life.  Sometimes that life gets in the way of your ideal perfection.  I personally gave up on perfection awhile ago!  Now I just do my best with what I have everyday.  And that means that I will NEVER have a silk headboard due to certain constraints we have with our lifestyle.  If you can live by this then you will make wiser decisions and maybe, just maybe save yourself some heartache and some money!!

So there you have it.  Some thoughts on headboards and your hair.   
Have a great day everyone!

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