Monday, August 6, 2012


Quick post everyone- updates, paint, knitting and breathing!!!
So the kids are in camp this week and I am going to make use of every moment!!  I will have about 6-7 good hours to get things done.
Things to do- paint the Upstairs Hallway.  Perhaps repaint the bathroom.  Knit Bath mat for the main bath.  Shower curtain for bathroom?? 

I am of course going to continue with the colour I used in the Living room and the Kitchen.  That Glorious colour is of course Morning Jog by Valspar:

I continue to love this colour.  It changes throughout the day.  Sometimes it has a more yellow cast other times more blue.  But either way I still LOVE IT!!!

I am going to continue painting this Upstairs.  I am thinking (maybe) to do a stripe treatment on the wall surrounding my window upstairs.  I will let you know.

I am going to knit up this pattern for a bath mat for the main bath:

It will be very easy to knit.  I was going to design something but then I saw this and it is exactly what I was going to do anyways.  I already have a stash of white so I just have to decide what I am going to put with it.
It will be knit in White and either Duck Egg or Hippi Ombre

Will let you know how this pans out.  I am also trying to think of the colour I will do in the bathroom.  I Am going to do one of the following(I think :))

Morning Jog by Valspar

Snow Goose by Pratt and Lambert

I also want to put crown in there but that will have to wait as my "Carpenter" is very busy with his "real" job.   Sheesh!!
So whatever colour I pick I will be sure to let you know and let you see the results.  I am going to be putting Royally blue and Light Aqua in there.  A blue on blue feel.  Keep fingers crossed!

I also have a new shawl pattern I will be loading this week here on the blog and on Ravelry.  It is coined- Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0!!  I love it.  It turned out better than I could have imagined.  I think I like it better than version 1.0!!  Hands were slightly sore trying to get this done ASAP.  But all is well that ends well.
Stay tuned for more.
Have a great day!


P.S.  Oh yea!  I forgot, I have to BREATHE!!   That is always a good thing to do!!
See you tomorrow!

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