Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here we are with the third installment in this little series.  I thought that today we could discuss Pink Flambe.  Sorry couldn't get the accent over the "e".  Anyways........... Pink Flambe is one of those Pinks that has some life to it.  It is full of Magenta that is for sure!  And I really like it.  But to be quite honest I kinda like most colours anyways!  But this pink is really, really fun.

See what I mean?  It so full of life yet it isn't a neon pink.  It has a lot of depth to it and a lot of Magenta.

Here is a great example of Pink Flambe with another Pantone color for fall Titanium.  I really love the mix of pink and gray in the room.  It is so easy to get sugary with pink.  But with depth of pink with gray, this room will last for years to come.

This great square plate would look great in an all white setting, a room with loads of navy or a gray dining room.  Not only is it a great colour but has a great shape as well.  A shape that is well suited for a more contemporary setting.

This is such a great example of bringing an accent colour into a neutral space.  Although I think the pink textiles on the bed do not match the pink flambe of the painted panels with mirror(completely different undertone, could be just the pic but......) I still think the panels add a great detail to the room.  They just would have been better off either having a plain white duvet or had a more graphic black and white one.  Just my opinion is all!

I love the combination of the pinks on the fabric with the gray of the room.  Again, the combo of Pink Flambe and gray... quite the trend. Seems like I remember this colour combo back in the 80's!!

This gorgeous room is so on trend with the Pantone colors for Fall 2012.  You have of course Pink Flambe which is paired with French Roast and Chartreuse.  Plus you have the addition of all that white.  What an awesome room!

Here are my paint picks for this awesome colour:

Crushed Berries 2076-30 Benjamin Moore

This Pink Flambe colour- Crushed Berries is full of Magenta, and I love it!!  You will have to of course use a tinted primer for this colour regardless of the paint company you go with.  It is just one of those colours that needs primer.

Wild Mulberry 139-7 Pittsburgh Paints

Wild Mulberry is a slightly more muted choice.  But it is still filled with Magenta.

Flamboyant 21RR 19/459  ICI

My last choice is Flamboyant by ICI Dulux.  It is ever so slightly more pink than Crushed Berries but still has enough Magenta in it to keep it in the running.

So.... there you have it, Pink Flambe.  It really is an awesome colour.  I hope you have found a little inspiration with it!
Have a great day everyone.

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