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Hey everyone in today's post I will be taking about Rhapsody.  It truly is a lovely mid toned Purple.  You know..... purple is one of those very polarizing colours.  It really does pull out a lot of opinions.  Either people love Purple or they hate it.  I happen to be one of those people that love purple-always have.  Now my Dad on the other hand....  well that man HATED purple.  I mean he truly had a hate on for that one!  He was exceedingly vocal about it!!
Rhapsody is the type of purple that is a mid toned to deep toned purple.  It isn't full of Magenta like some purples.  It isn't super bright either.  It is quite a complex colour when you really look at it.  So keep that in mind when I try to present rooms that are Rhapsody like!!
Here is Rhapsody:

Isn't it lovely??

 So..... like I said, finding just the right purple can be quite the challenge.  One may be too gray, too bright or too blue!!  So we are going to go on a purple journey and hopefully find the perfect purple for Rhapsody!

Here is a great example of how great Purple looks with Tangerine Tango.  And of course it is paired with a ton of white- LOVE IT!!!  However it isn't quite the right purple to be Rhapsody- slightly too much magenta in it me thinks!!

This one is way too saturated in hue.  It looks absolutely fabulous in this amazing bathroom.  But it is way too intense to be a good match for Rhapsody.  Purple is one of those colours that really does look great with wood, steel and marble.

This is such a lovely bedroom.  I love how moody it is.  And this is such a great example of how great purple goes with wood.  Now, in this case the purple for the walls is way too dark and full of "Navy" to be right for Rhapsody.  The duvet has way too much Magenta in it to be right as well.  But it is still such an amazing contemporary bedroom.

Now.... this great kids bedroom is awash in many purples.  I think I counted 5 in all.  And to me the only one that comes close to Rhapsody would be the bed.  That duvet isn't quite right but it comes close.  The walls have too much red in the purple.  The drape over the bed is too saturated.  The stripe with the flowers on the wall aren't right either.  But it does add up to a great visual room for a young lady!!

 I love this room by Rachel Reider.  She always has such great use of colour.  In his room I wanted to talk about the wall colour.  Again not Rhapsody, but,  it is a really great purple.  What a great room to hang out in!!  This purple is much deeper than Rhapsody.

 This is such a great example of how great this type of purple goes with marble.  This is such a great modern space.  I love the addition of the rough hewned table.  Such a great touch!  This is a close second as far a purples go if I were to pick it.  But it is slightly darker than the one we are looking for.

This one too comes pretty close.  The fabric used on the chairs and the striped pillows are quite close to Rhapsody.  They maybe slightly too bright, but I think it may be close enough for government work!!  This is such a great room.  And it looks fabulous with that Tangerine Tango!!  And could I please have that grass cloth???  Yes please!!!!

In this pic this is a great example of how to use purple as an accent.  Great choice for the chairs.  And I think it is the closest I have been able to find as far as rooms go.

If I were to pick a purple paint that would be Rhapsody, it would have to be:

Brave Purple SW6823  Sherwin Williams

Now... I really struggled with this one.  Trying to find a purple that matches was quite hard but I think this would do the trick if you were looking for a paint to emulate Rhapsody for your walls. 
Again, trying to find the right purple that has the right balance of saturation and undertone can be a challenge.  Look in a fan deck.  There are a ton of blacks, whites or even beige's.  But purple is a challenge.  Some have more Magenta.  Some are very grayed down.  Some are bright as all get out.  But either way you find purple, I love them all.

Have a great day everyone

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