Thursday, August 30, 2012


OK........So I haven't painted upstairs yet!!  ARGH!!!  Normally I am very quick at doing these things but summer and the boys have gotten in the way.  In a good way of course!!  When they go back to school I am going to tuck in and get the upstairs done, the main bath, continue on with my knitting patterns.  I have no less than 3 patterns on the go.

Here is the colour I am thinking for the main bath:

Aqua Frost WV35007  Waverly Valspar

So this past week I had put up a bunch of paint chips in the bathroom and independently my hubs and myself picked the same chip.  So.... since it was quite unanimous.... Aqua Frost it shall be.  It is a great clean aquaeey blue.  It is by Waverly for Valspar. So I am going to be putting accents of navy and red in there with it.  Stay tuned for that.

Here is what the Bathroom looks like currently- not professional shots or anything.  Just Real Life!!

It is really small.  But it works!  We renovated it ourselves 8 years ago when we moved in.  Took it right down to the studs.  What a HOT MESS that was.  Ever have a brown toilet, sink and tub?  I mean, even in it's day it wouldn't have looked good!!  Makes you think, "What were they thinking?"  We have our Master upstairs that is a 3 piece.  That will be next on the list-Budget allowing of course!!  Do you see my Chenille Shower Curtain?  I have had that thing for 12 years!!  Crazy I know!  I bought it at Winner's (like a Marshall's).  It has washed amazingly well, held up to abuse and generally just looks as awesome as the day I bought it.  I will be keeping it but I may be trying a navy and white one in there.  Will have to wait and see.
I am currently working a a few knitting patterns as well.  More to follow tomorrow!!
Have a great day everyone.

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