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Well everyone, Pantone has their outlook for Fall 2012.  I am going to do a series on this since there is multiple colours.  Here is the first :

Bright Chartreuse.  It is Juicy and bright.  But not so bright that it flashes neon.  Although these colours are "Fashion colours" we all know that fashion always spills over into the home.  Here are some paint colours and inspiration to get you started on this bold colour.

Notice in this pic that Chartreuse has been paired with Pantone Titanium.  Gray and Chartreuse really do look great together.

This great dining room is by Katie Ridder.  I really love her use of colour in her rooms.  Here she has paired Chartreuse with Turquoise and Magenta.  But what makes it really work is the neutrals that are paired with this.  The grays, black and brown.

Here Chartreuse is paired with a lot of white.  If you are unsure of how to decorate with Chartreuse I think this is the safest way to go.  I think that can be said for many bright colours.  Pair them with a lot of white and it will look great.  Just make sure that you use a clean white like BM Decorator's White and all will be well.  A warmer,creamier white like BM Cloud white would look just awful- well in my humble opinion anyways!

Generally speaking it is best to pair Chartreuse with other "clean" colours.  As in this pic Chartreuse has been paired with a deeper green, bright red, black and white.  Again the white used is a clean, non yellow under toned white.  What a great kids room!!

Most of the time you will see Chartreuse in a more Contemporary setting.  Here it is used in a more traditional, cottagey setting.  I have always loved the combination of Chartreuse and Turquoise.  There is something so amazing about this combo.  Again, the white used is a clean white.

Here is a great example of using Chartreuse for the outdoors.  I love the pairing of Chartreuse with Gray.  This is another great example of the pairing of Titanium with Chartreuse.

Chartreuse and Gray....Hmmmm... I think I see a trend!!!

Here Chartreuse is paired with Pantone's Tangerine Tango and French Roast (dark brown).  Years ago when I was a wee girl, way back, in the 70's the combo of green, orange and brown was huge.  I hated it!  But here it is fresh and inviting.  Here it has been grounded with all white walls.

Chartreuse has been paired with French Roast from Pantone.  I guess they were anxious to get the picture taken as the baseboard under the TV has yet to be installed.  But looks great anyways.

White, White and more white!!  This is such a great example of pairing Chartreuse with White and how great it looks.  It could be taken one step further if you wanted to add an accent colour.  You could add any of the other Pantone colours in the form of a small pillow on the bed and you would be right on trend.  Pantone Rhapsody or Olympian Blue would look awesome for example!

The preceding two pics of this kitchen is a great example of Chartreuse used in a traditional setting.  It is such a great pop of colour in this space.  And it looks equally good with white as it does with wood.  Remember nature goes with nature.  Also, it looks awesome with all of that Marble.

Chartreuse looks so amazing with Pantone's Pink Flambe.  A really great Magentaeey colour (is that a word?).  Both of these colours are paired with A chocolate colour, not quite French Roast but it is close. What a great place to go chocolate tasting!


Chartreuse and French Roast look so lovely paired with gray in this calm and serene Bedroom.

As far as paint goes, Chartreuse is one of those colours especially for paint that is hard to peg down.  If it is too bright it ends up being neon green.  If it is too muddy then it ends up looking like Pea Soup.  So finding the perfect Chartreuse can be hard.  Here are some of my pics:

The quintessential Chartreuse for me would be.... surprise, surprise.....:

Chartreuse 2024-10 Benjamin Moore

I really do think this is the best Chartreuse colour out there.  It has just the right amount of brightness or Saturation, it has just enough yellow, green and brown in it.  Again, if it had more brightness it would be way to neon.  It will still be quite intense on a wall but won't scream neon.

Agave AF-420 Benjamin Moore

A more muted version without being Pea Soup is Agave which is part of the Aura paint colours line.

Citronella SW6915 Sherwin Williams

My second choice for a true Chartreuse would be Citronella by Sherwin Williams.  This is another great Chartreuse that closely resembles Chartreuse by Benjamin Moore.  Just enough of yellow without making it neon.

My final pick is a more muted version of the above picks:

Muted Lime 16-27 Pratt and Lambert

It is a more muted version of the above pics but doesn't cross into the Pea Soup realm since it has enough yellow and not too much brown.

Well there you have it.  A little posting on just one of the pics from Pantone for Fall 2012. 
Have a great day everyone!

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