Friday, August 17, 2012


The second colour  I am going to talk about is Pantone's Olympian Blue:

This truly is an amazing blue.  It is vibrant and clean without "vibrating".  I would love to have a dress this colour or better yet use it in an office.

Blending traditional with Modern to achieve an eclectic look.  Here Olympic Blue and Honey Gold are paired.  They are such great accent colours set against a lot of white.

Although not listed as Olympian blue this is an example of what is may look like.  It would be very similar.

This is a great example of Tangerine Tango and Olympian Blue.  Although not listed as Olympian blue it is a close example as to what these two fabulous colours would look like together.  Love the Tangerine Nelson Coconut Chair!

This is such a great example of how the Pantone Color's for Fall 2012 go so well with a lot of white.  You could pick any one of them and do exactly like this room but in your chosen colour.  All would look awesome in this style.

How amazing is this butler's pantry.  Truly a showstopper!  I love everything about it!!

Such a great example of how great Pantone's Honey Gold and Olympian Blue look together.

Olympian blue and White.  I love this combo.  It is clean, it is classic!

One of my all time favourite combo's for a bedroom is blue and white.  Olympian Blue paired with all that white is just perfect.  An addition of one of the other Pantone Color's would add a little punch to the space.  Two of my pics to add to this space would be Ultramarine Green or Rhapsody.

My paint picks for Olympian Blue have been hard to peg down.  This type of blue is one of those that if you add too much green it goes towards a more "Ocean or Marine" look.  A deep down in the fathoms type of thing.  If you add too much purple or magenta then you get a blue that is really royal.  So I think I have picked ones that may fit the bill:

My first pick is:

Evening Blue 2066-20 Benjamin Moore

Evening Blue is the type of blue that isn't too purple nor is it too green.  Plus it is a clean colour.

Blueblood SW6966 Sherwin Williams

This too is very similar to Evening Blue.  Again it isn't too royal in nature.

Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 Benjamin Moore

This is just on the cusp for me.  I wanted to pick three and this one just made it!  It was really hard to find just the right blue.

So... there you have it, the second colour in our Pantone Color's for fall 2012.
Have a great day everyone.