Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to talk about an episode of Sarah 101.  In this episode Sarah and Tommy take a bathroom that was so dated and with issues and made it something really lovely.  Now when you first see what they did many will say, "What!!  A pink Bathroom"?  But hold on.....  let me finish what  I have to say on this bathroom.  First, here it is:

How stunning is that??  I don't even know where to begin!!  I can't figure out what is my fav in here- the double chrome and marble pedestal sink, the hexagon floor or that stunning bathtub!!
Together they all make such an amazing statement.  And really, when you put pink and red together that is what you are doing, making a statement.  No shrinking Violets allowed in here everyone!!
 I love the Chinoisserie fabric they chose for the drapes. It is a Quadrille fabric. 

I really love all the black and white accents with the red and pink.  Looks awesome.

I know that Pink is not for everyone.  However, I happen to be a huge fan of pink and red.  And when it is done right- like in this bathroom, it can be stunning.  Why do I think it works here?  Well..... the main reason is that for all of the main fixtures and finishes they are neutral.  They are either, White, Black or Chrome.  That is how you do a bathroom with style with a "different" colour palette.  It is very rare to see these colours(red and pink) in combo, never mind a bathroom. 
By having white and black as a backdrop and adding hits of pink and red it really works in here.

Since everything in this bathroom that is "fixed" is neutral any number of colour combo's could have worked here.  I love that they chose to go with pink and red.  And I feel that this combo was done really well in here.  By having white, black and red, this colour combo takes on a less feminine  feel.  I feel that it isn't too girly in here.
Down the line when and if the clients get tired of the pink and red it will be so easy to update and change the colour scheme since Sarah did it right!  Want a grey bathroom- no problem.  Repaint the walls gray.... paint it Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray and away you go!!  Want a watery green bathroom- no problem.... paint the walls Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and there you go.  By making the fixed items neutral it will be so easy to change.

I was so glad that the clients had the courage to go through with this daring colour scheme.  I know it's not for everyone but it is nice to be different than everyone else sometimes.
I really feel that Sarah honoured the "bones" of this Victorian home, yet updated it for now.  I think she totally rocked this one!

walls (above chair rail) - SR9 Gown (P5195-24)   
walls (below chair rail) & trim - SR29 Snowfall (P5223-14D)   
ceiling - SR68 Dreaming (P5139-14)
All paint is Para.

Have a great day everyone.

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