Tuesday, July 24, 2012


For those of us that grew up in the 80's Preppy is nothing new.  I will admit, and quite openly, that I was preppy.  I wore the rugby shirts, Ralph Lauren shirts, Madras anything, Loafers with pennys in them (from the year of my birth no less), Plaid, Tretorns,  Argyle ,  I could go on and on.......
And now it seems it is back!  Well as far as I am concerned it never went away.  I have loved and still love all that is Preppy, just ask my girlfriends, they will remember.  But I truly love everything about it.  I love the plaid, I love the oxford cloth and I love the colours.  They make me so happy.

To me there are two types of Preppy Interiors.  The first is the bright citrus colours of South Beach.  A very Lilly Pulitzer kind of world.  A world or Turquoise, Melon, Bright Yellow and Fern Green.  It is a world of gingham, floral and graphic patterns like Chevron.  Here are a few examples:

And when it comes to colourful Preppy, other than Lilly Pulitzer, the kings are Diamond and Baratta;

I mean seriously!!  Just drop me here.  I know that it is not for everyone, but for someone that loves to "pop" their collar, or where their Tretorns without socks, then this is the place for you my friend!!

Other "preppy" interiors.

Is this not a fantastic palette for Preppy South Beach colours??  So awesome!

The second style of Preppy Interiors is that Ralph Lauren English Style.  A world of Plaid, Paisley, Warm Woods, Persian Rugs, Leather and Wool Flannel.  I love, love this style.  It is warm and inviting.

This is a dorm room by Maximilian Sinsteden and has been in the bloggosphere for some time.  It is quintessential Ralph if there ever was one!  I can't even put into words how much I love this style.  The paisley, the plaid, the persian rug.......  Seriously this guy knows how to do it!!

The wall colour is Ralph Lauren Tapestry Green:

Tapestry Green by Ralph Lauren
It truly is that quintessential British Green that one would see in a great Manor Home.

So after seeing this pic it got me thinking about Leather Tufted Beds.  I have always loved and wanted a Leather Tufted Bed.  But as we all know they are VERY expensive.  Here is the one by Ralph that starts at $19,000!!  Yikes!!  But it really is lovely!

And then I got to thinking about another leather item I love;

How comfy does this look? 

I think that is one of the main ideas when it comes to the "English Style" preppy that I love. Comfy  and classic.  When you look at a quintessential English preppy Style you see Leather, Persian Rug, Warm colours, Paisley and Plaid.  And almost always you see warm toned woods and metals like gold and brass.

Take this breakfast nook for instance.  To me it is updated Preppy!  You have the warmth of the woods chosen in the round table and those woven chairs.  The chair shape is more modern but still is very traditional.  You have the plaid bench of course.  The choice of wallcovering is traditional but the motif is a modern take.  The juxtaposition of the traditional table with the more modern globe pendant.  But again the metal used here is a warm one with the addition of brass.  I love, love this little space.  It was designed by the very talented Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.

Yet when you look at this room by Tobi Fairley one can see the preppy influences here.  I love her use of Kelly Green in this space.  She also accents with a lot of white and uses warm metals.  I think of Tobi as a very Preppy designer.  I really love her use of colour in a space.  To me she designs such happy spaces.

This Living Room By Company C.  They are a great home store full of colour and inspiration.  Wish we had one here!!  Again this is very South Beach Preppy with the Bright Greena and Deep Pink.

When it comes to Preppy I feel very split personality about it.  On one hand you have the bright colours with a "South Beach/Hampton feel".  On the other you have the traditional English Country feel.  Both are preppy .  I guess it comes down to what you feel is preppy to you.  But what I think both express is a positive vibe to a room.  One cannot feel anything but happy in a Melon or Kelly Green space, the colour beckons happiness.  In a traditional English one, you feel almost wrapped in comfort.  And really there is nothing more calming and a feeling of happiness and contentment than that.  So I guess both styles of preppy give a feeling of positivity but in a completely different way.  Crazy huh???
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. I was searching for some Ralph Lauren drapes and found your blog. I love that style as well, and am trying to integrate it in my home. All the layers are so warm and inviting.

    1. I totally agree. It is definately a warm and inviting look. I guess I will stay preppy to my core forever! Thanks for stopping by.