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I love looking at houses.  Always have.  I thought I would start a new series called "Architects Series".  This will be a series of postings where I showcase an architect/builder that I really like.
The 1st one in the series is Granoff Architects.  They are located out of Connecticut.  They are amazing.  They build some of the most amazingly designed and executed homes I have seen.  I think what I love about them is that yes they are grand, but they are still so livable.  They are completely out of my "snack bracket",  but they are gorgeous to look at and dream about.  I love the materials they use in the construction of these grand homes.  Some are traditional brick.  Others are shingle style.  Either way, the way in which they are presented are absolutely stunning. When you look at their houses you can really see that they are detail oriented.  I so appreciate that.  To me details are what make a really great home and not just a place with 4 walls.
So sit back and enjoy all of the eye candy I am sending your way.

1st House:

I love how they have framed out the openings in wood.  Not only does this emphasize them and add interest but it adds warmth and character.  And you know how much I love blue and white!!

Just look at that coffering of the ceiling!  I love coffered ceilings- they add so much to such an overlooked surface.  I also love how they have used wood and metal for the railing.

I just love it when a hallway/mudroom area is detailed.  It is so easy to forget to add detail to this overlooked area.  I love the bench with built in storage-you can never have too much storage!

What a great games area.  Love the faux stone walls.  And that rug!!  I also love that arched window as well.  It has always been a dream for me to have a walk out basement- you get so much light with one.  With the addition of the fireplace this is such a great space to kick back in.

This bathroom is such a great example of what they do so well- mixing contemporary with traditional.  Such a unique bathroom- I love it!

I am such a huge fan of bunk beds-especially when they look as great as these ones.  Such a space saver!

Just look at that wood trim around the opening- so beautiful, such craftsmanship.

2nd House:

I love it when a house is given interesting elevations- this one is so pretty!

Such a grand foyer- and that chandelier!!  I really do love a great staircase!

Really great trim work.  Besides paint- trim is one of the best things you can add to your home for impact.

I have always wanted an outdoor chess set!

Someday I will get my herringbone hardwood floor!!  What a great entrance.

I love it when designers are clever with storage!

3rd House:

Again- great trim work- It really makes this space.  That arched door isn't too bad either!  I love how they used an arched door here instead of a regular one.

Great trim work and an amazing window to let in so much light!!  I loved how they added a coffered ceiling to this space- it really ties in well to the wainscoting.

4th House:

Gorgeous white kitchen.  I loved how they added a different material to the island counter top- in this case wood-  The wood they chose has such an amazing grain-it really stands out!  Love the bead board back splash-you know how much I love bead board!!

Although this space is vaulted it is made to feel cozy because of that great stone fireplace.  The art also helps to ground the space.

I really do love it when designers use tile in a great way.  I love the tile they chose for this bathroom- It has just enough sparkle!

5th House:

Wow- what else can one say??

This staircase is a work of art!

Love all the materials in this bathroom.  That niche for the vanity is fantastic.

What a gorgeous kitchen.  Amazing cream cabinetry.

Normally, I am not a fan of stained wood panelling but here it is amazing.  This Den has so much warmth.  And the plaster cove is out of this world.  Can you imagine creating something like that?  Now that takes some skill.  Love the transoms and oval windows- so much light.

Amazing classically detailed moulding- Incredible workmanship!!

6th House:

I just love a great elevation!  I love the detail of the portico roof-how it curves!

Another great view of the exterior.  Such great lines!

Amazing panelling detail.

Another  great shot of the trim work!  They truly know how to create a space with great trim!

Even though this is a grand house-it still has great warmth to it.  This room is a great example of that.  It has a real "homey" feel to it.

7th House:

Such a great melding of contemporary and traditional.

Such a wonderful light filled space.

I love the clean lines of this bathroom.

They truly know how to create amazing unique staircases.  Another work of art!

8th House:

Just look at the exterior lines of this house-Stunning!

Love the light in the room and all of the trim work.  I think these clients may be "animal" lovers!  Besides the Zebra covering, check out the Bear ottomans in front of the 2 chairs!!  I hope they aren't real!!

9th House:

Such lovely lines!

Great trim work for such a great transitional space.

Another great staircase.  Love the Morovian Star pendant too!

Again the melding of traditional and contemporary.  I love how they added a wooden beam truss instead of making it white- this way it adds warmth, detail and tradition.  Plus it helps to define the height.

By adding brick and wooden beams it really helps in adding warmth and tradition to this space.

Such a great light filled space.  A great space for anyone to hang out in!

10th House:

One of the details I love about their houses is the use of many varied windows.  Not only does this provide a ton of light but it adds amazing interest too!

Such great Craftsman detail done in a modern way-Amazing!

Such a great close up shot of the wooden trim.

I love the nod to Craftsman style here.  Not only in the wood panelling but in the wallpaper that is inset in the coffering.  Wonder if the wallpaper is from Bradbury and Bradbury.  If you ever want period authentic wallpaper them check them out- STUNNING is the only word to describe them!

Another great shot of the same room.  That wallpaper is stunning!

What a space!  And have your ever seen an ottoman so big??  Amazing.  One could curl up and not fall off.  I love it!!  But then again I am a huge fan of tufted ottomans-no matter the size!!

11th House:


Another phenonminal staircase!  I love how it is detailed yet so clean lined.

Such a gorgeous light filled space. 

12th House:

Gorgeous traditional exterior- very New England.

The exterior may be traditional but the interior is quite contemporary.

I love the use of glass with this staircase.  So modern!

13th House:

Gotta love a great porch with detail. 

I love the traditional feel to this room- especially with the addition of wainscoting.

Lovely spiral staircase!  I love the juxtaposition between the modern art and the traditional staircase.

Lovely light filled bedroom.

14th House:

Now that is traditional at it's finest!  That is some amazing stonework!!  It looks as if it was built 300 years ago!

Just look at the detail of the stonework.  You never see this style anymore-simply amazing!

15t House:

More traditional stonework.  What craftsmanship!

Gorgeous detail in the panelling in this staircase and foyer.

16th House:

Great lines once again.  I love the use of shingle and stone here.

Gorgeous foyer with lovely curving staircase- It has such lovely movement to it!

I just had to put this in for a couple of reasons.  One, it is very different!  To me it almost looks like a baptismal font from a church.  The other thing I love about it is the Copper Verdigris faucet.  You never see this-or at least very rarely.  It is so unique!

17th House:

This particular house is an old barn conversion.  That would be a dream come true- to convert an old barn!!

I love all the open beams-so rustic and so detailed.

I just love this staircase.  It really does showcase their ability to meld modern with traditional.


18th House:

I love how open and light filled this space is.  I love that they used clerestory windows near the roof line.  Clerestory windows date back to the Egyptians thousands of years ago. 

19th House:

I love the lines of this home.  It has such a pretty elevation.

Who doesn't love a clawfoot tub??

20th House:

Gorgeous and traditional!!

The windows that they chose for this space is amazing.  They are so modern- yet they fit this traditional space so well.  They look like they should belong to a loft conversion!

I love this transitional space.  It is so inviting.  The colours are so soft.  And those beams look like they have always belonged.

21th House:

Gotta love a hand pained gingham floor!!

22nd House:

I truly love a traditional white kitchen.

23rd House:

Such a great modern space. 

24th House:

Floating bubble chandelier- such a great whimsical addition to a modern space.

Those windows and doors with their dark trim really help to make this space.  If they had been trimmed out in white they would not been as effective in this space.  Love the Art as well.

This really is a showpiece!  That tile is amazing.  And that toilet- that is a conversation piece!!

25th House:

Wow- that's all I can say here!!

26th House:

Such a traditional kitchen.  I love all they have used here- White cabinets, Nickel hardware, Bakers Pendants, Marble, Brick- All adds up to an amazing kitchen.

I love the Grass cloth wallpaper in this powder room.  That tile is pretty special too!

Well that's it folks!!  Phew!!  I know it was a lot of photos and I didn't even load all of them!  I just had to share these pics with you all.  You should go to their website and check out their other work. 
To me they are masters of the mix.  They are so seamlessly able to meld modern and traditional design.  And, I love the fact that they are so detail oriented.  A home no matter the size should have details.  It adds so much to a home.
Have a great day everyone.

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