Friday, April 13, 2012


As you all know- I love the colour Red!  So I thought I would share with you some great images of RED Counter tops!  Yes red!  Red can have such visual impact on a counter and therefore on a space.
Red counters can be created from materials both natural and man-made. 

Red counter tops really do suit kitchens with lighter cabinetry-it's that whole balancing of light and dark in a space.

This is a great example of a couple of great design decisions. One, the use of a complimentary scheme.  The green undertone in the glass tile back splash goes great with the red of the Counter tops.  Second, the use of the dark red counter tops with light cabinetry-light and dark-adds interest.

Here is an example of red with dark cabinetry.  And it works-Why?  The red used in this space is bright.  This bright red contrasts really nicely with the dark cabinetry.  Again using contrast to build interest.  Having a light flooring really helps this space.

Another great example of using contrast-bright red with dark cabinetry.  This particular counter top looks great with the integrated sink-gives it a very contemporary feel.  And to tie everything in- the red pendant glass light-love it!

I love this bathroom.  I think that Red and White is always a great combo.  It can be both a traditional and a contemporary colour scheme.  In this bathroom the feel is very transitional.  Contemporary Vanity, counter top and rectangular under mount sink with the whitewashed wood detailing on the wall.  All looks so good together.

This is such a great example of a contemporary bathroom.  The counter top is maple stained red.  Some may wonder if this use of wood is a wise choice.  People have been using wood for counters for ever!  With the advent of technology it makes it a lot easier to keep it's inherent beauty.  Just make sure that the top is VERY WELL sealed and you will be fine.  But that is the key- sealing it really well.  And keeping standing water at a minimum.   Personally I would only put this in a Master Bath- just to be safe.  Things can get a little wild in a main bath with kids!!

What a great contemporary kitchen.  Such a great use of materials.

This lovely counter top is red Pyrolave.  It is very durable, stain resistant, heat resistant and is resistant of corrosives.  A real workhorse!  It is a Volvic lava that has been glazed.  How amazing is that??  It is made in France.

Here is an amazing shot of a Red Pyrolave Counter top.  I just love the lustre and the curve shown here!

Corian counter tops were used in this very contemporary bathroom.  Corian was one of, if not the first man-made materials used for counters other than laminates.

Corian is really great to use in a commercial setting.  Here it is used in a hair salon.  Again Red looks great here with white.

Does Red occur in nature as far as counters go??   Yes!!  In fact you can get Red Marble.  You can also get Red Granite.  Plus there is Gneiss, Sandstone, and Limestone.  Truly amazing.

This great shot is of Red Marble right out of the ground.  It is quarried in Vietnam.  Absolutely amazing!

This particular Marble is called Marva Red and is from Italy.  Just look at the veining.

Red Marble!  That is quite a statement!  Not for everyone for sure.  But if you want to make a statement then this may be your route!

Here is a great pic of Red Dragon Granite - aux natural!!  It is found in Brazil.  Amazing.  Some of the most beautiful granites come from South America.  There is some really old Igneous rock down there!!

 Here is an up close shot of Red Dragon Granite.

This Red Granite Counter top is  "Red Dragon".  It really is gorgeous.  And it looks great in this contemporary setting.

Another great example of Red Dragon Granite.  Here it is paired with Absoluto Black Granite which looks honed here.  I love all the different materials used in this kitchen.

I really love this kitchen.  As you know, white cabinetry is my favourite and it looks fantastic in this kitchen with Red Dragon Granite.  I just love the combination of white cabinetry, the granite, the wood flooring, the beams and of course the stainless steel apron front sink.  All adds up to an awesome kitchen.

Here is another great shot of that kitchen!!

This is a great shot of a kitchen with lots going on.  Normally I wouldn't like the use of 3 different colours of cabinetry, but in this space I think it really works.  Red Dragon Granite was used.  Red really does look great with white and natural wood!

Here is some examples of other granites and stone that come in red.

This lovely Granite is Abboud or Havana Red.  It is from Saudi Arabia.  Such a lovely piece-great reds, black, grays.

This stone is known as a Conglomerate- many large inclusions.  It is what is known as coarsely grained.  Granite is known for its "granules" within the rock- this is a good way to tell the difference between Granite and Marble- Granite has granules either big or small.  Marble has veining.  This particular Granite is known as Aquarius Red.  It is from Brazil.  How amazing would this piece be in a commercial setting on a counter?Such a conversation piece!

This lovely piece of Granite is Imperial Red.  It is from India.  Such an amazing piece of Granite.  I think I would say that to just about any piece of stone.  I really love natural stone.
There are so many other red stones that can be used.  Go to Graniteland for more info- there is so many red stones there, you won't believe it!!

Another great material to use for a counter top is Recycled Glass.  It is such a great environmentally friendly option.  Here is some pics:

I love this bathroom.  It has such interest.  Here is an example of dark counters with a lighter counter top.  Great use of light and dark in here.

This great counter top is made of Icestone.  It is said to be the most environmentally friendly product for counters out there.  It is made of 100% Recycled glass in a concrete matrix.  This particular counter is "Moroccan Red".  This really is a gorgeous kitchen!  Recycled Glass Counter tops really do lend themselves to Contemporary design.

Here is another great example of Moroccan Red IceStone.  Here it is used in a traditional setting.  A great hit of colour.

This kitchen has to be one of my favourites by far.  This is how you meld Vintage with Modern materials.  The red counter top is Ruby Reflections Ceasarstone Quartz.  How amazing is that??  And you can just make out the laminate counter with the steel edging- such a great combo.

This contemporary kitchen space is using Quartz as well, but is using the manufacturer Silestone.  Looks really great with all of the white.

What an amazing bathroom.  The mixing of materials is awesome.  I am a more traditional kinda girl, but I LOVE this bathroom.  This is such a great example of how versatile Quartz counter tops are.

This is a great example of Maple Cabinetry with Red Quartz counter tops.  People always ask what goes with Maple?.... well......  think of it like this- Nature goes with Nature- so Maple would go with greens and reds!!

This is an example of a concrete counter top with glass inlaid.  Such a creative way to use materials.  And you can make one of a kind counter tops.

This is a great close up shot of a recycled glass counter top.  These Man-made counters are very durable and need very little maintenance.  Plus they are more environmentally friendly than a lot of other choices.  Using recycled materials is such a great thing-plus the possibilities are endless.

No counter top discussion would be complete without talking about Laminate.  It is the tried and true choice for many kitchens, bars and commercial applications.  It is inexpensive, versatile and hard working.  Not too mention it has been around for a very long time.

This loft kitchen has a laminate counter top.   I think it looks fabulous in this kitchen.  You don't always have to go to the expense of a stone-real or man made stone to have visual impact.  This red Formica looks fantastic with the maple cabinetry.

I think I have to stop it there everyone.  I could go on and on......  The possibilities are endless.
Have a great day.


  1. lovely! i'm doing white cabinets, peacock slate floors, white appliances, red quartz countertops. Mirror backsplashes! i haven't been able to find anything like this online. do you know of anything like this?

    1. Hey Maureen, I would love to help. Can you email me at That way I can better give you info on what you are asking.

    2. I am redoing my kitchen with red quartz counter tops. I'm thinking a dove gray for the cabinets with off white subway tile back splash. But I also like a sage-y green for the cabinets. What are your thoughts?

  2. Help!! I have red countertops with flecks of black and cream. A cream line borders the top outer edge of the countertop. (They are NOT granite.) I have a stainless steel dishwasher and and stove with a red fridge. I am looking for paint color and the walls and cabinets. Suggestions?

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