Monday, April 30, 2012


I love the idea of a Dutch Door.  There is something so quaint about them.  Not only do they look different but they serve a great purpose as well.  You can leave the bottom part closed and still have the top open-letting in fresh air, lots of light and still have some security.  I suppose if one can get over bugs flying into the house, then this door may be for you.  I wanted to share with you all some great pics of this really unique and under used door.  I have also included some dutch doors that are interior doors as well.

I would have to say that this is my all time favourite door in this collection.  I love the curved top and of course I love the colour!!

You don't often see a dutch door in a more modern style.  Love how unique this is.

This is one of my favourite rooms- I love Windsor Smith!  And now with the addition of this dutch door to the mix I love it even more.

I remember Cottage Company Harbour Springs from a few years ago from Home Planning Ideas magazine.  If you love cottage style then this magazine would have been for you (miss that one).  Also, if you love cottage style then Cottage Company would be for you as well.  They pack a lot of detail into a small space-amazing!!  I love the fact that they have put Dutch doors into their designs.

I hope this little piece has given some inspiration.
Have a great day everyone!



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