Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I came across a picture today and it got me thinking??  How many people out there enjoy having taxidermy (fake and real) as decor??  I personally couldn't put a "real" animal out on display- that's just me.  And this posting isn't about the ethics of hunting etc......  I was just wondering that when people do have "animals" up and around- 'DO THEY FEEL LIKE THEY ARE BEING WATCHED??"  This is just a tongue and cheek look into the many ways people surround themselves with many different types of furry/non furry friends. Enjoy!!

I would constantly feel as if someone was looking over my shoulder.  It's kinda cute in a "if they were fake" kinda way!  I think I would feel slightly cornered!  I could always hide out in one of those two lovely cubbies-great hardware by the way- I love antique looking hardware!

This little Zebra looks like it just popped up into place-doesn't it???  I guess you would never feel lonely!!

 This is such  great way to display just about anything- but it is especially nice with the stuffies up there looking down and keeping you safe!!  That wallpaper- so awesome!  I know some think its a trend.  But I love any wallpaper that Cole & Son puts out!

I just had to put these 2 in.  I have NEVER seen anything like it in my life.  Well maybe if I went to a game reserve in Kenya-maybe??  Not my thing at all- but had to share anyways!!

This is such an awesome room to begin with.  The modern styling, the colour scheme- I love it.  Love the fact that multiple resin heads were used here- looks great!  This goes to show that black as a wall colour looks amazing.  It is such a great neutral and such a great backdrop for objects to "shine".  I especially love the striped ceiling.  You don't often see stripes on a ceiling- which is too bad.

This is such a sweet way to display stuffies.  Plus it could be a bit of a game on tossing the stuffies into their place- why not make cleaning up fun?  Trust me, we can use all the help we can get in that arena!!  Well at least I could in my house.  You would think I asked them to cut off a limb instead of cleaning up!!!

Wow- that's a lot of animals- again, not my thing.  But the room definitely tells a story! --- 'I like me some dead Animals I do.  And I'm not afraid to show it!!!"

I love this nursery.  The stripes are particularly awesome. It isn't too babyish so this will last for years to come.  I especially like the Animal Plaques looking on- really cute!!

I think if I were to have an "animal head" on my wall this is the way I would do it.  It isn't too showy, blends nicely with the scheme.  I think I like White Resin animal heads  the best.

I think there is something really pretty about this wall.  I particularly love the wallpaper.

Well this is as real as it gets I suppose.  Clean picked bones on display.  Although that being said I think it actually looks really good here.  Hopefully it was a "found" object!  You know-they were out for a walk, and  on that walk they tripped and ....oops....  look what we found!  Lets take it home and put it up!

Now.... I have to say I really like this room.  I love the colour scheme and the use of grey/whitewashed boards for the walls.  Personally I would have put up a resin or fake deer- but that's just me!  Otherwise I think this is a really lovely space.  Funny thing is I don't have a problem with the hide on the floor- I guess it has something to do with the fact it isn't staring back at me!

I think this lovely Bovine really suits this space.  I couldn't have it in my kitchen-but there is something very "real country" about this space.  It is the kind of kitchen you could really see yourself cooking in- I mean REALLY cooking- And hey while you were there, you would have company!  I wonder if he moo's on the hour!

Now I know for a fact no animals were hurt or injured to create this space.  I actually really like the leopard print wallpaper- there's just something about it.  Lets face it- at least it's not boring!  If you are going to make a statement somewhere in the house- why not a powder room??

Feels like our little friend here is guarding the Kitchen!!  I am sure that you all have seen Lauren's great makeover of her Kitchen- if not you should check it out!  It's pretty awesome.

This is a great little grouping of Faux heads.  It makes a nice statement without being overly Hunter Gatherer about it!!

I loved this one because it is a cardboard head.  You can get all different types of heads.  And then you put it together like a little jigsaw- they're kinda cool!  Love the Cole & Son wallpaper too!!

Another example of a cardboard head.  I think it looks great in this modern setting.  This is a very on trend room- Starck Ghost Chair, The lamp, the metal trunk, the faux bois wallpaper, Stump side table........
All very trendy.

Great grouping of faux heads.  The colour of the heads really lends itself to the setting.

What a great little room.  I only think- did it hurt the little guy when he was decapitated??  Your talking to the girl who thinks that when the stuffies go into the washing machine- "Am I drowning them"??  CRAZY!!!
But I think the "faux head" is really cute- a great alternative to the real thing!

Well.......  I wanted to share this one-in the WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING COLUMN????  I mean- REALLY???  COME ON-- First of all- Talk about overwhelming the wall-it looks like it's going to fall over with the weight and crush that little crib and any child that may be in it!!- well that's how I see it!  Second- REALLY!!  When the child wakes up- can you imagine??? My Goodness!!!
I can just hear my friends now, "geez Meg-tell us how you really feel!!"

I really love this room.  The watery greeny grays, the white.  I even really like the deers on the wall.  Such a really calm and interesting room all at the same time.

I love the colour scheme in here.  And I think the faux head looks really good in here.  Since the rest of the room isn't too trendy the head can always be swapped out when they would like to display a different trend.

Lastly, I think this is my favourite "faux taxidermy" here.  He is so cute.  How great would this look in a kids room??  Very creative.  I love it when people think outside of the box!!

Well I think that's it for now.  So what do you think? Could you get on board with this trend?  Would you feel watched? 
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Megan,
    I know it's not very PC, and a little macabre...but I just love taxidermy. We have 3 heads right now, but I don't show many pics on our blog because people tend to react negatively to them...go figure, must be "boy" thing.


    1. Hey James, I'm not completely against it per say, just have a thing when people try to turn their house into a "zoo". Or when they hang multiple heads over a crib :)
      Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to keep an eye on what you guys are up to.