Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey everyone!  I almost forgot to share a little project I did a few months ago.  Not sure how I forgot but there you go.  Around Christmas time I was madly knitting gifts for everyone and I made one additional little cowl:

This little cowl is so easy to make and is so easy to wear.  I made the cowl out of Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend Yarn.  It really is "extra soft"!!  Not only is it not itchy at all but it was such a delight to knit with.  It has a very smooth feel to the yarn- way to go Martha!!  The yarn also has such a beautiful sheen to it.  I only wish that our Michael's store carried all the colours that this lovely yarn comes in.

 I made my cowl out of the Igloo colourway. I also made an additional one in Bakery Box White and gave it to one of my son's teachers as a Christmas gift.  I would love to make this cowl out of the Gray Pearl- but I would have to special order it online.  I would also love to see this yarn in deeper colours like- Fuchsia, Deep Red, Turquoise, Tangerine or Kelly Green.  Maybe they will provide deeper colours- we will see.
Here are some additional pics of my cowl:

I really love this pattern.  It is a combo of Ribs and Garter Stitch.  I think it gives a great texture and is really suited to this yarn.  The yarn almost has a cotton look to it- if merino wool and acrylic can look like cotton!!
I had read somewhere that the yarn is slightly hard to deal with because of it being made of many plys (10 or 12 I think)- I did not fnd this at all.  I found it really easy to work with.  And the cowl has a real "sproingyness" to it-there I go making up words again.  The combination of the yarn and the pattern makes the cowl quite elastic.  But at the same time it drapes really nicely.

I made the pattern myself and can be found on Ravelry  or  Scribd.  If you have any problems downloading the pattern just email me and I will be happy to pass it along. 

I have always been intrigued with this stitch pattern of ribs and garters so I thought I would make a cowl to show it off.  It would also look great as a scarf. HMMM............

This yarn is $9.99/ball at Micheal's here in Canada.  If you go online to Michaels you can get a downloadable coupon that usualy gives 40% or 50% off one item.  If I have a project that takes more than one ball I end up going in everyday to use the coupon since they only allow one per day- but thats OK since there is a significant savings. This Cowl took nearly 2 balls to make, so a coupon will cut your cost in half.

Well that's it for now everyone-I hope you enjoyed the knitting
Have a great day

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