Friday, April 6, 2012


I am happy to report we are making progress on the dining room.  All of the MDF has been cut for the High Wainscoting.  I have painted the area above where the panelling will be. We thought is would be easier to paint before the main panels go up-less cutting in.  And any help I can get with painting a hard colour like Red-I will take it!!  Here is a few pics of the colour we chose- it's pretty Hot!!  The colour is Hottie by Para.  Once again I was lucky enough to find a suitable colour at my Habitat for Humanity Restore-that place rocks!  A Gallon Can of paint for $10.00!!!

Notice the awful popcorn ceiling-UGH!! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT!!  STOP THE POPCORN PEOPLE!!  RISE UP!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  NOBODY LIKES IT!!  We are going to eventually scrape it and put up bead board-but that will have to wait for now.

As you can see I have one more light coat to do. Generally speaking the paint is covering really well.  I am not one of those people that paints one coat and I am done.  But I would have to say that for a red- this paint covers really well-and no primer!!  It is Para Ultra Eggshell.  No splatter, not much odour to speak of and it has covered really well in 2 coats.  Can't say anything bad about that.  One little note- if you have a lot of trim to cut around like I do as seen in the above pics- get yourself a 1" angle sash brush:

It makes the job so much easier.  I have painted quite a bit in my time so I don't generally use tape-so if you are brave enough or are skilled enough you should have one of these little guys in your "kit bag".  Using a regular 2"-2 1/2" brush just won't do the job to get around detailed moulding. It was worth the $5.00 I paid.
I do however use my 2" brush when I am cutting in at the ceiling.

The white that we are using for the trim is Pocket Watch White by Ralph Lauren
So when we are further along I will show you some more.  We are hoping to get quite a bit done over the long weekend!

Have a great day everyone.

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