Friday, April 27, 2012


As I talked about in a previous post we are currently working on our dining room.  The wainscoting is now all primed and I will be starting to paint it tonight or tomorrow- There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  But then I have to wait for my man to finish with the trim.  He has to make Frieze boards for the top of the windows and the door/doorway.  He has to make 3 in all.  And it may be a little while before he can get to that because he is super busy at work.  Don't you hate it when Work gets in the way of life and renos!!
Anyways.....  So now that I have painted the top part of the wall red- that gorgeous red I told you about-

It is  Hottie by Para.  I just love the name of it.  It really is a gorgeous red.  The above sample actually makes it look a lot more pinky than it actually is.

This is an actual pic of the wall.
So now the can of worms is opened as it were....  Since the red I chose is not an overly muted red the colour that my living room is currently just isn't sitting right with me!  What a surprise that will be to those who know me!!  My Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen are all very open to one another so the colours have to relate to one another.  You shouldn't mix clean with dirty colours- it just doesn't look right.  Even if you are one of those people that doesn't understand colour theory you would still notice that something was off with my colours-you may not be able to put your finger on it-but you would know something wasn't quite right.  So I have been pondering what colour do I paint the living room and the kitchen to make it flow better.  You see...  you would think that it would be super easy for someone like myself to just pick a colour.  The problem is I could probably pick one of a half dozen colours.  Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous.  Since the majority of the colours I have in my space is Red, White and Blue, I thought I would stick to a Tan or a Gold.  I currently have a muted tan in the space.  Only problem is it is a little too muted now that the Red is in the dining room.
So off I went to my Habitat Restore and low and behold I actually found something.  You have to understand that usually you can only get 1 can of a certain colour-makes sense right.  But today I was able to get.... wait for it.....  4 CANS!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!  So now I can repaint the living room, kitchen and hallway.  And at $10.00 per can it was so affordable I just had to get it.

The colour I picked up was:

ICI Desert Valley

It isn't as muted in real life as it is in this sample as shown.  It is a lovely golden tan colour.  It certainly goes better with my stuff and the red in the dining room.   So I will be very busy over the next little while.  Plus, I wanted to update some of my pillows.  I sort of got the inspiration for the colour scheme and the types of textiles from this pic below:

I adore this room.  The Desert Valley is much closer to the wall colour in this pic. I know that the lovely golden colour is actually grass cloth but the colour is close!  It has such a nice warmth to it.  I would love to jump on the whole gray bandwagon, however, the main thing stopping me from doing so it that my kitchen cabinets have a very definite yellow undertone to them- a real gray would not go at all.  Sometimes you have to just go with the flow.  If I put a gray like Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray or Wickham Gray (which I would love too!) it would not relate in any way to the undertone in my kitchen cabinets or the Granite counter tops I have.  So onward without gray I go.

So I was looking at the following fabrics. 

I wanted to pick up a navy and white fabric that had a slightly modern feel to them.  What I really want is the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis in navy- but that is SO NOT going to happen my friends.  It is way out of my budget right now!
It is so nice.  And I really want it, but I don't want to pay the price.  So unless I come across a deal I will have to make do with some other fabric- which is fine!

So that is what I will be up to.  I will be keeping you posted as to our progress.

Have a great day everyone.

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